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Anal Lock

Also known as the Pear Of Anguish this exquisite metal butt plug goes in smooth then opens up to for an ultimate anal or Vaginal chastity. Insert the Asslock like a normal plug, leaving the rubber ring in place to keep the three solid Surgical Stainless Steel petals together. After sliding the plug into place, pull the plunger on the base; The Asslock spread, attach a padlock to lock it up completely ! The bar handle allows for easy grip and manipulation of plug's position. SIZE & MATERIAL This item is made entirely by hand. No chrome plating and No nickel plating. Just hand- polished, thus no rust guaranteed. Material: Medical grade Stainless Steel, Rubber • Size: Measures approx. 5.63 inch (140 mm) overall length, 2.25 inch long expandable bulb Collapsed Bulb has 1.8 inch max insertable diameter (5.5 "in circumference) Expanded Bulb has 2.58 inch max insertable diameter (8 "in circumference) Weight : 650g Suitable for women and men Keep clean for second use Sold with a padlock, two set of keys and a velvet bag.